What is Nightlife Week?

Nightlife Week
 is in a start-up position, created early 2011. The company expects to hold the first annual Nightlife Week in late Spring 2013 in New York City, and achieve rapid national growth to other large US cities and other International metropolitan cities in subsequent years.

Nightlife Week‘s goal is to help build strong localized business to help promote business, commerce and tourism. There are terrific financial implications for New York City and all neighborhoods to promote themselves through self-promoted deals, specials, discounts and sales.

Our aim is to elevate the public image of the nightlife industry and capture the interest of both consumers who patronize nightlife venues and the industry that continues to support and develop the industry. We seek to earn the trust of both business insiders and patrons to celebrate Nightlife through brand recognition, product enticement, and exceptional creativity and innovation in building this annual event.

Nightlife is a contentious issue, and Nightlife Week arises as a new approach to an age-old theme as a comprehensive approach to managing and developing the nighttime economy. We are dedicated to the preservation of Nightlife culture and to serving people of all backgrounds and diversities. Nightlife Week aims to encompass all the variety and as many shades, types and the many options imaginable and available within the industry.

Nightlife Week aims to ensure that neighborhoods are livable, support a vibrant nightlife industry and leverage the economic contributions that nightlife brings to the city.  This initiative sets out to develop a proactive and strategic approach to managing areas of nighttime activity in order to reduce antisocial behavior, noise, public disturbances and other problems.

Nightlife Week in New York City will cater to the potential pool of nightlife patrons in the tri-state area. That’s approximately 65 million venue entries per year.

Nightlife Week provides a unique business model in its efforts to improve the current state of Nightlife. We believe we can make Nightlife Week a staple citywide and worldwide, providing business-to-business and business-to-customer campaigns and offers and by that, garner extensive worldwide media coverage for the elevation, preservation and development of the Nightlife industry.

Nightlife Week will consist of a series of off-site design series of events, parties, seminars, tastings, cocktail parties, exhibitions, installations and product launches, produced in conjunction with a series of partners and associations.


Everybody and anybody can participate in Nightlife Week. Whoever you are and wherever you officially live, you can take advantage of New York’s diversity and Nightlife Week‘s amazing deals.

You can participate and purchase Nightlife Week deals just as if you were buying any other deal (use our website, mobile site, partner site, or our mobile app).

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