Events, Seminars, Awards and Specials


The essence of Nightlife Week is made up of four parts: Events, Seminar, Awards and Specials. The events are going to be parties and performances that define what New York nightlife is all about. The seminars will educate and inform the public on the positive aspects of the industry. During Nightlife Week we will also hold an Award Ceremony Celebrating the best of the best in New York City nightlife.  Finally, the specials will give venues a chance to introduce their best products to both new and regular customers.

How We Plan To Do It

Nightlife Week works with our partners in identifying cities to participate in the program each year. Once a community is selected, Nightlife Week works with local government and enforcement agencies, Nightlife establishments and their operators, as well as the numerous brands and diverse companies ready to begin elevating Nightlife and bring the industry together.

Everybody and anybody can participate in Nightlife Week. Whoever you are and wherever you officially live, you can take advantage of New York’s diversity and Nightlife Week‘s amazing deals.
You can participate and purchase Nightlife Week deals just as if you were buying any other deal (use our website, mobile site, partner site, or our mobile app).


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