How it started…

Our vision began with the idea of creating a positive image for the local Nightlife industry in New York City. Our core objective is to deliver an environment that will create public support and recognition for the business as a whole.

Nightlife Week is dedicated to operating with a constant enthusiasm for spotlighting the nightlife industry, being receptive to implementing new ideas, and maintaining a willingness to adapt to changing market needs and wants. We aim to constantly improve and develop strong personal relationships with all patrons and all willing businesses.

Nightlife Week aims to be the definitive event in New York City that caters to both a local and an international crowd of patrons and operators who want to experience Nightlife; and appreciate the diversity of Nightlife!

Nightlife Week aims to showcase the best and diversity, and all the innovation and creativity, just like the diversity of aspects of the nightlife industry and raise the profile of New York City as an International hospitality and entertainment hub.

Nightlife Week takes into account not only nightclubs, but bars, restaurants, lounges, live venues, comedy clubs, beer gardens, wine bars, jazz clubs, burlesque and vaudeville halls.

Our goal is to set our initiative apart from any other by changing the way nightlife is publically perceived. Utilizing a strong positive message and world-class celebrations we will serve all patrons needs by including them in nightlife, not alienating them. Our goal is to maintain strong annual growth, creating a yearly event that can expand in New York City and eventually migrate to other cities.

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